To provide state-of-the-art and internationally benchmarked people analytics to help governments improve people management.


More effective governments thanks to more evidence-based people management.

The Centre for People Analytics in Government (CPAG) is an initiative led by academics at Roskilde University, University College London and the University of Nottingham to help governments improve people management through better data diagnostics. 

We specialize, in particular, in surveys of public servants, and have collaborated in over 50 surveys with over two dozen governments around the world to improve people management in government.

Our work has benefited from over US$1m in funding from donors and international organizations. We also frequently draw on networks of collaborations with dozens of other expert academics – for instance from local partner universities – to implement civil service surveys and people analytics in government. 

If you are interested in conducting people analytics in your government, please do not hesitate to contact us here

Results Presentation to the World Bank

Centre Co-Directors

University of Nottingham

Prof. Meyer-Sahling is a civil service management expert, with over 60 publications on the civil service and a particular regional expertise in Europe and South Asia. He holds a PhD from the London School of Economics (LSE).

Associate Professor
Roskilde University

Dr Mikkelsen is a public management expert and data scientist for public administration and people analytics, with over 45 publications on the subject. He holds a PhD from Aarhus University.

University College London

Prof. Schuster is an expert on people analytics in government, with a particular focus on Latin America. His research has been published in over 50 publications.  He holds a PhD from the London School of Economics (LSE).