Civil service surveys

Our Approach

Our best-in-class civil service survey instruments deliver actionable management diagnostics to improve personnel management and motivation in government. 

As Co-Founders of the Global Survey of Public Servants – a joint initiative with the World Bank and the Stanford University Governance Project – our surveys allow governments to benchmark themselves internationally against dozens of other countries. Governments get granular data to help them understand how to improve personnel management practices – from onboarding to performance management to leadership, to name just a few.

Presentation to Parliament of Lithuania


Governments have conducted civil service surveys with us to-date

Spotlight on Chile

With the Chilean government and the University of Chile, we implemented the National Survey of Public Servants in Chile. The survey marked the launch of government-wide surveys on staff management and motivation in Chile’s government. It was covered in numerous media articles and helped dozens of public sector organizations in Chile improve management practices through reports and data dashboards tailored to each institution.

  • Download the Chile country report on the Global Survey of Public Servants page here.
  • Access the Global Survey of Public Servants dashboard which includes Chile’s results here.

Selected projects

Cross-country reports

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